Gamify daily stretches
with AI and blockchain

Wellness Metaverse Powered with AI and NFTs
Have fun and get fit!

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The Idea behind ``

Gamify daily stretches with AI and explore Metaverse world with human body movement without the need of a VR or AR headset!

Why metagymland?

Having a back pain from sitting at your desk for hours? Finding exercises and muscle stretches boring? You need to try MetaGymLand!

Metaverse world controlled with human body movement

Experiences similar to AR and VR without the need for a VR headset, all you need is a Webcam.

Gamify daily workouts with AI and Blockchain

MetaGymLand helps to keep you active by making quick, daily stretches entertaining.

Back pain relieve with quick stretches

Try fun game-like workouts

Buy and play with your NFTs

Explore exciting Metaverse world


Follow steps below and enjoy the game!

1. Connect your wallet

Currently, we are on Avalanche fuji testnet.

2. Select or buy your NFT Avatar

You can buy NTF Avatar in 'Marketplace', play with your existing NFTs or try MetaGymLand with Free demo Avatar.

3. Enable your Webcam and join MetaGymLand

Click 'Play with me' on selected Avatar and decide which Webcam you would like to enable to play MetaGymLand.

what's next in metagymland

GymBuddies NFT Genesis Collection on mainnet

Stretch and Earn: earn XP points by regularly playing our healthy MiniGames

Sustainable Stretch and Earn: based on affiliate marketing and partners

Enterprise features: use MetaGymLand to organize engaging workouts for employees in your remote company

MetaGymLand token

Social features, stretch competition

Tradable Land as unique in-game spaces which could hold social events

Meet our team

Martin Kuzdowicz (CoderDidit)

Senior Software Engineer

Malgorzata (Megan) Kuzdowicz

Designer, Product Owner, Architect


Office dog

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